Friday, May 15, 2015

Tuesday May 12th

Theme: Zoo
Letter: Z
Number: 15-20

Period 1:
Dressing up as animals
Making animals

Period 2:
Circle time story: Who's in the Zoo
Circle time song: let's go to the zoo
Plate giraffe 
Zookeeper says 
Making animal food 

Thursday May 14th

Last day beach party

Period 1:
Beach ball towel game
Bucket toss
Jumbo beach ball run
Noodle sword
Build an octopus

Period 2:
Lobster hands
Sand bottles 
Pool of bubbles 
Olaf coloring page

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monday May 11th

Theme: zoo
Letter: Z
Numbers: 15-20

Period 1:
Making vests
Safari animal hunt
Sing along

Period 2:
Circle time story: moose-Stach
Circle time song: 5 little monkeys 
Making zebras
Sponge giraffes