Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thursday March 26th

Theme: eggs
Letter: e
Number: 14

Period 1:
Egg Hunt
Plastic egg sink or float
Egg letter tracing and coloring 

Period 2:
Circle time story: green eggs and ham 
Circle time song: teeny tiny egg
Science with eggs
Hatching eggs

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tuesday March 17th

Theme: leprechaun 
Letter: l
Number: 11

Period 1:
Make the letter L and number 11
Sink or float
Dress up 

Period 2:
Circle time story: saint Patrick's day in the morning 
Circle time song: leprechaun stew
Tracing the letter L
Saint Patrick's day play-doh
Tracing clovers

Thursday March 19th

Theme: Morning Activites 
Letter: M
Number: 12

Period 1:
Choose your outfit for the day
Coloring and cutting morning things
Digging for morning activites

Period 2:
Circle time story: rain boots for breakfast 
Circle time song: breakfast food song
Morning routine 
Counting and math 
Stringing morning activities